If you are running or opening a restaurant, you need to be aware of ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) signage and make sure that your premises comply with the regulations. Any business that serves the public on its premises needs signs that identify different areas or provide customers and clients with relevant information about the space and accessible features in a space. To make sure that your business is inclusive for those with disabilities, make sure that your signage adheres to the ADA’s specifications.

Restaurants and other industries that have audited signage will have found that it’s more affordable than might be expected at first. According to the ADA, not all signs need to adhere to the guidelines. Signs for marketing and advertising purposes, temporary signs, and depictions of your company name or logo do not need to follow ADA signage rules. Making your premises accessible to people with disabilities is good for morale, good for your customers, and good for your image. And it doesn’t need to break the bank.

If your signage is already in place, but you have not checked it recently for ADA compliance, doing so is strongly recommended. Many businesses discover that their signage has fallen out of compliance over time, because the ADA updates its legislation. Paying penalties for non-compliance is much more expensive than auditing or updating your signaling.

Dream Signs has the experience, expertise, and familiarity with ADA regulations, that can ensure that your functional and directional signs comply with the law. For example, we’ll make sure that your signs have suitable, non-glare backgrounds and writing where necessary, and we can assess the contrast and visibility of your signs and typefaces. Any signs that are used to identify rooms and spaces, such as restrooms and kitchens, must be located adjacent to the door they identify and they need to meet certain dimensional rules. In some cases, tactile characters, Braille, and accessibility symbols may be required too.

Making your business location’s signage accessible to people with disabilities can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Call Dream Signs on (281) 513 6622 or email us at info@dream-signs.com for peace of mind and the satisfaction of a job carried out by professionals who know their way around the latest ADA guidelines.

Written by: Dream Signs – Sugarland, TX