Towards the end of the day when it’s time to slow down our minds and retrospect over the day’s happenings and amidst all the mixed set of emotions – the not so happy moments, sad news, exciting opportunities coming up in the future, listening to a 5 month old baby babbling or kids running around the house and the flavors of freshly made dinner, there is one or more images that remain with us through the day or maybe even weeks. It could be a video we watched on News, an article we read on the train to work or that Sign of a new Store opened in a strip mall around the corner.

Why is it that some images stay with us longer and create an everlasting impression on our minds, if you will. What are they trying to communicate to us ?

According to this article published in,”

“13 milliseconds is the time it takes for the human eye to process an image”, which means it’s almost impossible to recall all the images our brain has processed in the last 12 hours. Well let’s not think about the images that come across in our dreams. It’s too complicated!

I think you all agree that among the several maybe million or trillion images our brain processes, most are arising from the web. What about rest of the time when we don’t have access to the internet? What about when we are driving through the street to get to work ? There are of course images of other vehicles on the road, playgrounds, lakes, pedestrians, traffic signs, highway way signs and retail signs. It seems our eyes are always open to communicate even if our other senses are at rest.

Visual Communication has been explored to a great extent via several forms of media and continues to advance. This maybe one of the reasons why signage has been used as one of the main mode of communication with our eyes and hence the brain for processing further.

Ever wondered how traffic would have to be managed without signs ? Would you stop if there was no STOP sign visible ahead ? And what about that urge for a hot cup of coffee on your way to work ? If not for the “M” sign visible almost every mile on every busy street in most parts of the world(today), McDonalds wouldn’t be the same.

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