A product launch should be exactly that – not an announcement or notification, but a launch. If you want to launch a new product to new heights, you are going to need fuel. Nothing provides fuel like visual material that your audience can see for themselves. This is why many businesses get in touch with us asking us about the best way to make an impact when launching a new product.

All kinds of businesses have contacted us to help them with product launches. We have seen that the best thing to do is to keep the details as simple as possible. People want to see the product and they want to know what it can do for them. A custom-sign can perform both of these duties. A banner is an excellent way to support a product launch because they can convey the necessary information fast, but they also have a celebratory feel, while remaining classy and professional.

The best product launches introduce something new that fulfills demand in the marketplace at the same time as diversifying and reinforcing the company’s existing products. A company’s branding holds its product portfolio together. In the same way, businesses have used our banners to emphasize their branding during product launches. The focus is on the new product, but the promotion of the brand in general reminds people where to get it and associated products. Focusing on the branding rather than the individual product that is being launched is good for some businesses, because it means that they can re-use signs for other events and products.

At Dream Signs, we can reproduce any logo using our sophisticated, full-color printing process. We use fade-resistant ink, because when businesses build their portfolios, they need to use our signs more than once. Our designers enjoy working with clients to balance branding, product information, and the materials of the retractable banner.  Our retractable banners can be adjusted to the ideal size for the environment and the images are printed on tough but flexible acrylic.

Using retractable banners keeps a business light on its feet. In the modern business world, change happens fast. To thrive, businesses need to move quickly and keep up with market demands. After many hours of product development, don’t let your product launch slow you down. A retractable banner is an extremely portable, low-cost solution for giving your product the fanfare it deserves while giving you the flexibility to launch at any time in any location. Whether you want to launch your product from a rooftop, a TV studio, a mall, or the foyer of your building, a retractable banner will add a touch of class and make a positive impression.

To create more memorable product launches, give us a call on (281) 513-6622 or email us at info@dream-signs.com. We’ll get back to you with ideas, the answers to all your questions, and a quote for the best retractable banners for your needs.

Written by: Dream Signs – Sugarland, TX